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FarSwap Roadmap

Q1 2021 17 February

FarSwap Roadmap
Farming platform studies were initiated.
What is FarSwap?
What is FarSwap?
I- FarSwap Exchange structuring started in Ethereum network.
II- FarSwap Staking structuring started in Ethereum network.
III- Welcome to the FAR Bar, stake FAR to earn XFAR.
IV- Earn FAR tokens by staking FarSwap V2 SLP Tokens.
Development of the swap list, lending and borrowing platform started.
Development of the Binance Smart Chain FarSwap platform.

February 22 - April 20

Starting NULS / NERVE Network. You can open an account by accessing NULS Wallet at this address and start earning FAR Tokens with the NULS / SCO Program.
III- FAR-BNB Pool has been tested and put into use.
IV- Farm systems have been completed and put into use.
V- Pool systems were completed and put into use.
NULS / NERVE Network Bridge

Q2 2021

FarSwap Roadmap
Work has begun on the FarSwap Non-FungibleTtoken (NFT) Platform.
Avalanche Explorer
FarSwap Avalanche

Q3 2021

FarSwap FAR Roadmap
FarSwap Starts its own cross-network migration tests.
I- FarSwap Mobile application
II- FarSwap Wallet I
II- FarSwap Cross Chain tests
Mobile Application stake development starts Farming expansion, FAR listing on more exchanges has been provided.

Q4 2021

FarSwap Roadmap
Start the lending and borrowing platform.

Q1 2022

FarSwap Roadmap
Completing all platforms and services across networks in full working order.