Incentives For Lenders and Borrowers

Incentives For Lenders and Borrowers
Far lending and borrowing platform is developed and programmed for users to receive FAR tokens for reward anytime they lend or borrow cryptocurrency on the platform. users earn a 2 % additional bonus when they choose to pay back the loan with a FAR token.
Users can stake the rewards they earn on FarSwap to earn more FAR tokens or exchange the FAR token to USDT. Users are required to lock a certain amount of FAR tokens before they can borrow funds on the platform.
No KYC is needed for this operation. Lend and borrow with little or no fee in return. In addition to it, users can also borrow or lend any cryptocurrencies they want.
We know that many of users are existing liquidity providers in the Uniswap pool. Based on this situation, we have designed a token distribution mechanism to make it as easy as possible for existing Uniswap liquidity providers to migrate to our agreement! To be able to start providing liquidity and obtain FAR tokens, anyone who holds Uniswap LP tokens can put these LP tokens in the corresponding initial pool list.
Once this operation is completed, they will start earning token rewards after the block height of 287349823. The list of LP tokens can be added by way of governance voting on the chain. Therefore, this will be a decision made by each of us.
In every 3 second block, 0.05 FAR Token will be generated. These tokens will be evenly distributed to the miners in each fund pool.
Incentives For Lenders and Borrowers