FarSwap Partnership With NULS Project
Partnership With NULS Project
Here comes the partnership with the NULS project!
“FarSwap will provide the transition between BSC and ERC-20 networks via the NULS/NERVE platform. NULS-FarSwap cooperation will play an important role at this point.”
Please read up on yield-farming and know the risks before investing. A great place to start is coinmarketcap.com/alexandria/article/what-is-yield-farming.
In addition to ERC20; BEP20, FARSWAP is also using the NRC20 chain.
Here are two chains that make FAR cooperate with NULS: NULS smart Contract and NERVE Cross-chain.
Cross-chain consensus connects the NULS ecosystem with outside ecosystems and other blockchains for fluid circulation of information and assets.
You can open an account by accessing NULS Wallet at this address https://wallet.nuls.io/ and start earning FAR Tokens with the NULS / SCO Program.
NULS / SCO Program
Right now You can stake #NULS and earn #FAR from as little as '100' NULS!
In cooperation with NULLS NERVE, FarSwap will realize revolutionary goals in the world of DEFI. We are happy to announce this collaboration to you!
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