FarSwap Partnership With Binance

Partnership With Binance
FarSwap is actively working on Binance Smart Chain.
Down below we will answer the question:
Why does the FarSwap use the Binance Smart Chain contract?
BSC is a better solution than Binance Chain in terms of function, speed, and versatility. It has interoperability features with new generation solutions such as passive income in the Defi world, it also stands out with the high transaction fees, intensive use of Ethereum, and the slow operation of the ETH 2.0 process.
BSC offers high-speed transactions and lower fees with a 5 second block generation time. This means your FAR transfers are being confirmed rapidly.
Binance Smart Chain
Here are the advantages which FAR gets from being on Binance Smart Chain :
• EVM compatibility (supporting software, applications, and software tools in Ethereum).
• A high-performance function that can generate one block every 3 seconds
• Supports Cross-chain Defi transfers
• The advantage of being supported by the Binance ecosystem
• Advanced security and safety